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Lots of Updates!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the MSCL website. Yes, I know a lot has happened since our last announcement and we?ve got a ton to discuss. Let?s get caught up with the highlights.

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txh | March 2018

Welcome to the MSCL Website!

Hello, and welcome to our new site. This site will be used in replacement to the MSCL Document. Everything from team rosters and rulebook updates to news posts will be available here... The MSCL is run by a five person management team with the help of the MCL Global Management, referees, and a team of advisors. Along with a top of the line staff team, the MSCL offers a variety of teams at different skill levels, so you can find the right team for you. We're starting up a new season in the coming weeks, so look out for new, fun events and possible tournaments too!

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Adeel | May 2017

Top 5 Teams