Welcome to the MSCL Website!

Hello, and welcome to our new site. This site will be used in replacement to the MSCL Document. Everything from team rosters and rulebook updates to news posts will be available here.

The MSCL offers a variety of competitive teams, from various skill levels. MSCL teams include:

No Girls Allowed
and many more

The MSCL is run by a five person management team with the help of the MCL Global Management, referees, and a team of advisors. Notable members of the MSCL staff team are:

eleat, MSCL Director
Naxyi, MCL Global Manager
nunovl, MSCL Manager
mmez, MSCL Manager
HelloItsMeJack, MSCL Trial-Manager
Dwarzon, Head Referee

How the MSCL works

The MSCL works by employing required games for teams to complete. This allows for teams to have guaranteed scrims. In addition, the MSCL teams have the option to challenge others to competitive scrims. However, teams are not forced to accept these challenges.

After four sets of required games the season will be concluded. This will initiate playoffs, which consist of all legend status teams, who are the top four teams from the previous season, and the other top 4 teams in the current MSCL rankings.

The MSCL also includes fun events like karaoke, MPS parties and tournaments. These will be plentiful in the upcoming season.

Season 4 & Playoffs

With the end of season 3, the playoffs will begin. This will include: Awakening, FinalSpark, Cadence, and No Girls Allowed as returning legend teams. The other 4 teams will be decided by the ranking of the teams at the end of the season. The 8 teams will face off in a NBA styled play off tournament. With Team 1 (Highest Ranked) facing off with Team 8 (Lowest Ranked in Playoffs). Team 2 facing Team 7, and so on.

Of course, after the completion of Season 3, the next season will begin. Season 4 of the MSCL will bring new and exciting things to the table. We will have a reformed rulebook, website, and staff team to help out. Season 3 was not all that spectacular, but with the making of new teams that are eager to join the league, we hope to flourish. Obviously, nothing will come just from writing this announcement. So, the MSCL Staff team will be hard at work to make Season 4 as enjoyable as possible.

Season 4 will bring tournaments, events, games, and more. Hopefully it'll be a season that no one will forget!

With all of that said, we hope you enjoy your time as a part of the MSCL!

Feel free the message a staff member with any concerns/questions!

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Adeel, May 2017

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